Industrial production solutions-mes system

digital transformation realize Intelligent Plant

Industrial production solutions-mes system

Pain point : The production data analysis and processing is difficult, the labor cost is high, and the production safety monitoring mechanism is weak.

The MES system independently developed by Dongjun Technology,targeted at the characteristics of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises,uses the new generation of information technology such as the Internet of Things, mobile Internet and intelligent algorithm to achieve the "digital" upgrade of the whole production process from the order to the product delivery. It helps manufacturing enterprises to standardize production management, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce material waste, shorten the delivery cycle and reduce labor costs.

Core competitiveness

solve all kinds of pain points in production, without increasing the workload of the workshop

Function declaration

Management Platform
Process management
Quality management
Sealed sample management
Store management
Assessment management
Order management
Purchasing management
Equipment management
Logistics management
Production management
Kanban management
User authorization
Client applet
Total customer orders
Order delivery flowing
Customer's overdue order
Order inspection record
Order production schedule
Overview of production information
Equipment maintenance
Equipment maintenance
Face recognition
Production report
Screen monitoring
Order summary
Excellent staff
Equipment operation information
Output statement
Single equipment production information
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