Intelligent Online Bag Sorting and Binding Machine

Save Labor, time, and materials

Product introduction

This machine is mainly used in the last working procedure of the bag-making machine to replace manual sorting and binding work. Its functions include online counting, sorting, and binding of finished flexible bags. It is a domestically pioneered and internationally advanced bag making and sorting machine. Its production can help solving such problems as difficult employment and high costs, and finally help improving product quality and promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing enterprises..

Product Features


Production statistics, and sorting and binding of flexible bags.
Other performances:
· Type of bag making machine: three-side sealing
· Type of channel: one bag each time, two bags each time
· Outlet mode: both horizontal and vertical
· Bag thickness: the total thickness of both sides is greater than or equal to 15 si (1 si = 0.01mm)
· Binding consumables: OPP film tape or high temperature kraft paper bag
· Bag length: 50mm-300mm (for one bag each time); 50mm-150mm (for two bags each time)
· Bag making speed: 120pcs./min
· Input voltage: three-phase four-wire (380V)
· Maximum power consumption: 0.5KW
· Overall dimensions: length×width×height=1500mm×900mm×1500mm
· Weight of overall unit: 450 KG

Intellectual Property

There are 8 patents for invention, 14 patents for utility models,
and 1 software copyright for this machine. Imitation is prohibited

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