Visual Positioning Rounded Corner Cutting Machine

Save Labor, time, and materials

Product introduction

This equipment is the first one to successfully apply machine vision technology to bag making machine, being the first of its kind in China and also the international leading bag making equipment. It overturns the traditional bag-making process and effectively solves the problem of the energy-consuming, time-consuming and labor-consuming scrap edge recycling resulting from existing die cutting and double cutting processes for making round corners of bags and the problem of raw material cost. It is a high-tech product which integrates image acquisition, high-precision motion control, industrial control and man-machine interface into one.

Product functions

Product features

1. Control unit with high-speed FPGA as the core
2. Image acquisition system of CCD high-speed industrial camera
3. High-precision tool holder level adjustment system
4. High-precision imported die combination for diamond-shaped hole R-angle
5. Adjustable longitudinal cutter system accompanying with the die
6. High-speed cutter system

Intellectual property rights (patent number):

The equipment possesses 3 patents for invention,

4 patents for utility models,

and 2 software copyrights.

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